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What are Business Excellence Programs?

Business Excellence is an expansion of traditional Operational Excellence Efficiency Programs. While still focused on using scientific methods and data to improve performance to goals, Business Excellence Programs take employee engagement and culture into account. By leveraging the collective effort of many employees, results can not only be obtained more quickly, they can also be sustained. Business Excellence Programs integrate many different methodologies and tools to help organizations reach their goals. Methods like Lean, Six Sigma and traditional problem solving are all used and blended when appropriate. Business Excellence programs also encompass assisting executives with the alignment of projects to internal goals that are linked to business objectives.

What We Do

Vogt Consulting, Inc. is a woman-owned business consulting firm focused on helping organizations improve their performance through Business Excellence Programs.  As a small firm, we have the ability to be flexible and create a unique solution for every one of our client’s needs.

-  Program Development

-  Executive Strategy Support

-  Initiative Alignment Guidance

-  Training

-  Project Mentoring

-  Data and Technical Support

-  Team Engagement


Services Offered